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For as long as I can recall I have had an admiration and fascination with the drums. From an appreciation of the sounds in my early years to being captivated by the live performances of live drummers I finally took the plunge and purchased a small electronic kit just a couple of years ago. During the first twelve I utilised various online material with varying degrees of success. Frustrated by my flat-ling I got in touch with Chris. We met up and had a good chat about the kit and equipment that I was using, and discussed the material that I had been using to date and what I wanted to achieve.

I have now been studying with Chris for over 12 months. Chris’s approach to teaching has been methodical and provided me with the structure and building blocks to develop my passion that was lacking from my previous ad-hoc approach. Whilst the lessons have been structured they have been far from bland or predictable. Within the relatively short period of time that I have been working with Chris I have learned to play a variety of styles of music including jazz and rock. I trust that Chris would agree that my playing ability has developed exponentially since working with him.

It is a genuine privilege to be taught by Chris. Each and every lesson offers something new and unpredictable, pushing the envelope of my abilities just that little bit further on each occasion. Chris has also been invaluable in assisting me with the purchase of a new acoustic kit and the construction of a drum studio for the same. In the absence of Chris’s unique style of teaching over the last 12 months I fear that I would not have developed to a standard to justify the investment in a new kit and drum studio within such a short period of time.

A big genuine thank you for your continuing help and encouragement on this most rewarding of journeys.

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