Chris and Helen Blagg

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Our teenage son, Joey, initially started going to the CJ Drum school for drum lessons with Chris several years ago. Chris let him choose his own style of music to practice and encouraged him to practice regularly at home between lessons. A little later Joey became the drummer for the Hebden Bridge Junior Band and Chris was able to help him practice all the different styles of music and beat that the band required him to play.

Joey also needed to develop his reading of drum notation and music not only for his own benefit but also because drum music reading was required for formal brass band competitions otherwise points would be deducted. Chris was able to help Joey progress with this and he has become proficient.

We are really pleased that Chris has managed to inspire Joey to keep playing and practising at an age when teenagers often give up their musical instruments and hobbies.

Chris is full of humour and has a great way with young people who respect him for his own abilities as a drummer and a teacher as well for his fame with Simply Red.

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